Kayen Mae Ligot
Inspirational • Wed December 12, 2018
a CHAMPION is defined
not by their WINS
But by how they can
RECOVER when they FALL. 💯💯💯

This is a reality my friend,
Always remember that you cannot be a CHAMPION if you dont FALL.

This world is a RACE of life.

Keep in mind that there is a PRICE
In every FINISH LINE ❤
Kayen Mae Ligot
Celebration • Tue December 11, 2018
I"m really happy to be part of this growing family. 💯
I'm just a little bit nervous to use this website right now but i hope someone will guide me to manage this better!

By the way "Hi everyone!" 😉😉😉😉
sha mae de leon
Quotation • Fri August 24, 2018
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
Kinddler Developer Mad Computer Scientist
Tips & Guides • Sun June 3, 2018
It's not easy to start from a Scratch knowing that people Don't really care on that new Odd idea! anyway Life is not fair Get us to it! ,If you think you are special I Will say "love your not!" So do I. It's a matter of survival if you want to win.

Soon this app will become successful so I WON'T give up even No one believe today, It's not already my time so I WILL WAIT FOR IT!
Mary Anne Orodio Frontrow LadyMillionaire
️Advocacy • Wed February 28, 2018
Nobody believes in you unless it's done.
#keepongrinding #neverstop #believe #fr #kinddler #win